Happy Halloween!

Halloween is the traditional festival in the West on November 1 every year, and Halloween Eve (October 31) is the liveliest time of the festival.

When adults take their children out with them, they will dress up as lovely ghosts and come out to beg for sweets. Children who look for pumpkin lights and knock on the door, but children can't disturb people who don't light up.

Children will say, "trick or treat."

When asking for sugar, children should always stand at the gate and wait. They can't enter the house. The sugar they ask for should also be handed over to adults for inspection before they can eat it.

The family that receives the child also asks not to give the self-cooked food, also do not give the food that does not pack. It is said that on this night, all kinds of ghosts will dress up as children and mingle with the masses to celebrate the coming of Halloween, while human beings dress up as all kinds of ghosts in order to make them more harmonious.

At Halloween Eve, there are hot and noisy ghost carnivals, or large Halloween masquerade parties. Pumpkin lamp, pumpkin pie, apple and candy are also indispensable elements for Halloween.

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